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We provide power and control switchboards for water tanks for external and internal installation.



We produce electrical switchboards in two variants: standard and extended. Depending on the option selected, water levels are monitored:

  • Lower dead zone;
  • 50% of the water in the tank;
  • Minimum water in the tank (according to VdS, NFPA);
  • 100% water in the tank (maximum);
  • Overflow of water from the tank.


Standard variant

The standard automation cabinet is equipped with the main safety switch and a module that controls the presence and asymmetry of power phases. On the front of the control cabinet there are signal lamps with descriptive plates informing the user about the current water level, the condition of the heaters and about the correct power supply. Each of the heaters has separate signaling of operation or failure confirmation. Additionally, a temperature controller is installed on the cabinet's facade, displaying the current water temperature near the heaters and informing about damage to the temperature sensor.


Extended variant

It is equipped with a logic module with an integrated Ethernet interface. This allows for easy integration of the cabinet into the plant network, reading and visualization of tank data in a selected SCADA system or, using any web browser, viewing the status thanks to the built-in web server. Each of the logic modules is equipped with the possibility of archiving data in the internal memory or microSD card from any period of time. In addition, new alarms and archiving of the heaters' working time were implemented, which allows you to easily estimate the energy consumed in a given time. Signaling with lamps has been replaced by a simple and intuitive display, on which all states and alarms are signaled.



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