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Reinforced concrete drinking water tanks are monoliths constituting a source of water supply in drinking water installations, process water in the food industry, and agriculture. JRtech offers cylindrical reinforced concrete tanks with a diameter of 4.5 m. Change of subsequent diameters takes place every 25 cm up to a diameter of 20 m. As a standard solution, the bottom plates of the tanks are reinforced with meshes made of 8mm rods with a mesh size of 15/15. A special rubber gasket is inserted between the wall of the tank and the bottom, which ensures tightness at the joint between the walls and the bottom plate because the wall is built on a ready-made slab. The formwork system we use allows for:

  • production of tanks in a wide range of sizes and capacities;
  • reduction of the need to use heavy equipment;
  • increased tightness of tanks.

Each tank can have a roof supported on a pole or in the case of small diameters a roof can by build without a pole. We also use polyester-glass laminate covers with a layered structure of polyester resin and glass fiber of "E" type glass in the form of mats and fabrics. The mats and fabrics used for the construction of the cover are qualitatively compliant with the applicable Polish standards or the standards of the European Union countries. The laminate layer on the outside has long-term resistance against UV rays and weather conditions. An isophthalic acid-based resin with additives is used for the outside layer. The laminate layer on the inside of the tank has long-term resistance to the effects of compounds and their condensation under the cover.