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The products we offer include: non-pressure, above ground, steel, bolted tanks for storing drinking water. Bolted tanks produced from panels with modular dimensions: 1.25m x 2.54m. They are made of hot-dip galvanized steel sheets, stainless steel, acid steel, as well as hot-dip galvanized and powder coated steel. The technology we use to put tanks together with bolts is a financially effective solution for storing large volumes of water. Thanks to the modular planning, we offer a wide range of dimensions and capacities. The standard series of types includes tanks with:

  • capacity from 10m3 do 2900 m3
  • diameter ranging from 3m do 17 m
  • heights from 1,8m do 13,2 m

A wide range of sizes allows for optimal adjustment of the tank to the planning requirements, construction site, destination and conditions of use.



The tanks are delivered in two variants of sealing a bolted structure. In the first of them, the tanks are sealed from the inside with a prefabricated Varnamo EPDM Elastoseal H synthetic membrane, adjusted to the dimensions of the tank, which prevents the contact of water with the steel panels of the tank. In the second, the tank is sealed with a POLYMER mass. Two-stage sealing of lap joints of vertical and horizontal sheets of tank shells made of SABA Sabatack 750. The first degree of sealing is a thin layer of sealing compound introduced into the joints between the sheets and bolted joints at the stage of screwing them. The second stage is the surface sealing of connections from the inside of the tanks in the form of continuous vertical and horizontal stripes. In this case, the water comes into contact with the steel walls of the tank.



We use polyester and glass laminate roofs with a layered structure of polyester resin and glass fiber of "E" type glass in the form of mats and fabrics. The mats and fabrics used for the construction of the cover are qualitatively compliant with the applicable Polish standards or the standards of the European Union countries. The laminate layer on the outside has long-term resistance to UV rays and weather conditions. An isophthalic acid based resin with additives is used for the layer on the atmosphere side. The laminate layer on the inside of the tank has long-term resistance to the effects of compounds and their condensation under the cover. The polyester resin used to make the structural laminate of the cover has PZH approval for contact with drinking water.

We also provide tanks with a truncated cone roof. The roof supporting structure is made of steel, consisting of cassettes forming the sidewall and a keystone. Trapezoidal cassettes made of steel, bolted together along the edges of the butt joints. The roof keystone is also made of steel, welded and consists of a circular ring and vertical ribs evenly spaced on the outside of the ring. The roof structure is bolted. The roof rests on the tank mantle on a circumferential angle.

Thermal isolation

The delivered laminated roofs are insulated with PU foam with a standard thickness of 50 mm. Conical roofs are also made with foamed polystyrene or PIR insulation and covered with flat sheet metal in RAL colors available on the market. The thermal insulation of the tank walls is made of mineral wool in 2cm x 5cm thick plates. From the outside, the mineral wool is covered with T18 trapezoidal sheets in RAL colors available on the market.



The bottom of the tank is a reinforced concrete foundation plate or steel panels individually matched to the dimensions of the tank.

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